On today’s blog post, we let Mark Aitken, tutor on Ideas for Successful PhotographyIdeas for Successful Scriptwriting, and Film and Fine Art course, take over to give you five reasons why you should take his course.

Developing ideas towards taking successful photographs requires asking a lot of questions of yourself. These questions should ideally derive from the work’s process. If you’re wondering about these questions yourself, or just want to learn more about photography as a practice, Ideas for Successful Photography will be the perfect course for you.

1. You take too many photographs. You don’t take enough.

William Eggleston famously only ever takes one frame and then moves on. If he’s not happy with the result he says, ‘There’s always another picture. Taking too many frames of the same thing makes for a complicated decision process.’ How confident are you when you select a frame – in the viewfinder or in the edit? Could you take just one frame or do you need to cover every angle?

2. What role can empathy play in photography?

You’re invited into someone’s home to take a portrait. Your subject appears uncomfortable and poses stiffly. How do you change the dynamic? How can you develop a relationship with your subject so that it’s somehow evident in the resulting picture?

© Mark Aitken

3. What can the past offer?

We enjoy photography and other art forms. It’s important to develop our own voice while remembering what came before us. Which photograph of yours speaks to another work?

4. How can a photographer be innovative?

Professional photographers work from sets of rules offered by their brief and whatever genre they’re working in. Innovation always requires breaking the rules and establishing new boundaries. What would you change in a given brief? How would this innovate your practice?

© Mark Aitken

5. Are you able to locate what is essential in a photograph?

Sharing criticism and analysis with like-minded practitioners establishes your voice as a photographer.  What is engaging and satisfying in a photo and why this is so? Equally, what are your doubts about a photograph – is it failing your expectations and what constructive criticism could you offer to improve the work?

© Mark Aitken

Mark Aitken

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