Today we caught up with Alice Mazzilli who will be teaching the brand new Calligraphy Weekend short course which starts in November, and also tutors upon the Introduction to Lettercraft Workshop. From graffiti to illustration and typography, Alice tells us how this led to working in calligraphy, discusses some of her favourite projects and shares images of her incredible work.

Alice Mazzilli stood in front of her calligraphy work.

Alice Mazzilli

Hi, what is your name and what do you teach?

My name is Alice Mazzilli, a.k.a. AmpersandAlice, and I teach calligraphy.

How did you come to work in your field?

I’ve always been into lettering since I was a child. I was into graffiti in my teenage years. Then I moved to London where I studied and worked in illustration, typography and print until I started an apprenticeship with a professional calligrapher. This experience led me to open my own company and work full time in calligraphy.

Alice Mazzilli calligraphy work, "Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex".

© Alice Mazzilli

Could you tell us a little bit about something you’ve been working on recently as well as your wider practice?

One of my favourite commissions was through MontBlanc for a live event at the British Library celebrating graffiti and the history of writing. I had to create a panel live using mixed media. I really enjoy working on such a big scale, concentrating on the rhythm and movement. Another side of my work I really enjoy is around poetry.

Alice Mazzilli work created at a MontBlanc/British Library event.

© Alice Mazzilli

Tell us about one piece of creative work by another artist that has been on your mind lately.

The work and the book of the calligrapher and artist Hans-Joachim Burgert.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives?

Research the field that you’re interested in taking inspiration from to create your own language.

Alice Mazzilli caligrapohy work, "Murder Your Darlings".

© Alice Mazzilli

How has teaching students at Central Saint Martins informed your approach to art?

For me teaching is always a way to go deeper into my interests and share my passion with other people.

What is the most important thing that students take away from your course?

Understanding the value of our writing system.

Alice Mazzilli caligrapohy work, various styles written onto a small plane.

© Alice Mazzilli

You can see more of Alice’s amazing work via her Instagram, @AliceMazzilli and Facebook, @AmpersandAlice accounts. You can also book a place upon the upcoming Calligraphy Weekend Saturday and Sunday short course, right now, as well as check out all our upcoming Autumn Term courses starting at the end of September.